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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Public Records Search – Why?

Free Public Records Search – Why Do You Need A Public Records Search?

Why do you need to run a free public records search? If you are working in a field where investigations are needed, it is understandable. Investigations could be necessary to investigate an insurance claim, a crime or even as preparation for a law suit.

The usual people who needs to run public records searches are the law enforcers, insurance claims officers, lawyers, legal associates, and other professionals in their course of work.

As for the individual folk like us, when do we need to run such a free public records search?

Before you quickly dismiss the need to search public records, consider the following situations. These are all common scenarios where people eagerly need to perform such background checks.

1. Business Deal. Before entering into a business transaction with a business associate, you need to make sure that this person is trustworthy and has strong financial backings. You want to know whether he is in debt or dire financial state or worse off, a bankrupt!

2. Buying A Home. When you are making a home purchase, you do want to check out your neighbors. I am sure you do not want to live next to dubious characters only to regret the decision to buy the home.

3. Background Check On Date. A lot of people are participating in speed dating and online dating. Before seriously going on a date, it is safe to first check out your potential date.

4. Renting Out A Room. Before you rent out that empty room to someone, you do want to do a background check on your potential tenant.

5. Buying A Used Car. You can run a free public records search for details of the previous car owner. This will tell you whether the owner is an ex-convict or offender and whether he still owes the bank some money and the car could possibly be repossessed.

6. Hiring A Part-time Nanny. There are just too many horrible stories about nannies ill-treating the kids they are taking care of. You do want to be sure that the person you are hiring has a clean record.

There are a thousand and one other reasons when a free public records search is handy.

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