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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Public Records Search Portals

This post will answer an age-old question of whether you can do a free public records search.

Public records used to be stored physically in stacks of files and folders. You can imagine the piles and piles of documents stashed away in some old rusty cabinets. This was at least one to two decades ago.

Today, all the public records are filed online in huge databases under the custodian of various public agencies and state authorities.

While you may be able to retrieve public birth records from the city council or public statistics department, rarely can you find the whole range of details like death records, marriage records, court records and so on in a single government agency.

Also, the process to search public records starts with a formal application to the specific public agency which can take days to weeks. Once authorized, you may then proceed with your check. While the search is free, you do have to pay for the report should you need to bring it home with you.

So yes, you can run a free public records search, but if you need the documents, be ready to pay. At the same time, the search is not instant and can be laborious.

Obviously, in order to dig out enough information on a person, you need more than just one kind of records. This can mean running to various places and repeat the entire process again.

While it is good to be able to run a free public records search, however, it will take weeks to be able to search. You also need to pay if you need the records.

The faster and cheaper way to run a public records search is to use a one-stop public records search database or directory. With a few simple clicks, you can retrieve practically all kinds of records online.

These paid services are professional services that have a huge and sophisticated network of databases where all public records are kept. You can find any government public records as well as private records.

Whether it is birth, death, criminal, civil, police arrests, warrants, real estate, tax, marriage, divorce records, phone number or residential address, you will be able to search and find your desired records successfully.

This is what the folks in the investigation industry call it the “Tell All” one-stop database.

While you cannot do a free public records search here, do not feel disappointed. It is so affordable to perform a search here that it is almost free. All you need to pay is a nominal fee.

Contrast this to hiring a private investigator for a few hundred dollars or going from place to place just to search and compile all your information, you will find it convenient, time saving and most important of all, deliver the exact details you want.

Stay tuned for more information about these one-stop portal to run an almost free public records search.

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