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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Public Records Search Q&A

Free Public Records Search – Questions & Answers About Public Records Search

You may have some questions about the one-stop portals we spoke about. Since you can expect an almost free public records search here, it can be a useful resource to use when you need to perform a background check today.

They are frequented by professionals who need to perform background checks and investigations. Even individuals like you and me need to occasionally run searches here for public records.

The beauty about these services is that they do have a one-time payment option which allows you the privilege to run unlimited checks for a flat fee of less than $50. For frequent users, this is extremely affordable. If you just need a single search, they also offer such a package.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these one-stop portals for public records for?

They are databases or directories of public records. Anyone is able to use them without having to apply for authorization. The records can be used for business or personal usage. The user should handle such information in accordance with the rules and regulations stated by the one-stop public records portals.

What public records are available?

There are dozens of records you will find in the databases. Such databases include:

Arrest Records
Birth Records
Bankruptcy Records
Corporate Filings
Civil Court Filings
Court Records
Criminal Files
Correctional Files
Cemetery Records
Criminal Traces
Death Files
Family History
Federal Court Dockets
Felony Arrests
Genealogy Databases
Grave Finder
Incarceration Records
Inmate Locator
Inmates Records
Judgment Records
Juvenile Files
Locate People
Lien Records
Military Records
Missing Persons
Old Marriage Records
People Search
Personal Record Finder
Personal History
Prison Records

Which countries’ public records can you find in the portals?

Other than US, you are able to run a free public records search for records in countries such as Australia, Canada and United Kingdom.

What can you do with such information?

Most users use the portal to find missing persons or to conduct background checks on another individual for personal and business reasons.

Are there any limitations to the way you can use the information?

Yes. Please read the terms and conditions stated by the portals. On a general note, you are not allowed to use the data to harm or embarrass another individual. You cannot file the information as the ancillary document for pre-screening a potential job applicant though you can use it for personal reference.

Will anyone know that I am searching for the information?

The whole process is 100% confidential. No one is able to trace your searches. All your data is transferred to a secured page meant only for your eyes and usage. These one-stop portals emphasize a lot on the security and privacy protection so that their customers can be assured of 100% confidentiality.

Can you find confidential records such as credit reports?

There are some kinds of records you will not find through your public records search. They are credit reports, credit score, consumer credit reports, tax records and bank records. Such information is protected under the non-disclosure clauses of the federal and state laws.

In the next post, you will read about our detailed review of the one-stop portals for public records.

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