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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Public Records Search Portal Review

Free Public Records Search Review – Comparison Of Various Free Public Records Search Portals

There are dozens of one-stop portals where you can conduct your almost free public records search. We put every single service through our review based on a set of stringent requirements such as the responsiveness of the customer support, the pricings, user feedback, extensiveness of public records, format of reporting and how easy and quick it is to search for the records.

Here are the results of our review of these one-stop portals.

No.1 Free Public Records Search Portal


This site is fast and we can run an instant public records search without going through many different buttons and functions. The interface is easy to use and intuitive. Everyone should be able to search without going through any tutorial or instructions.

You will be able to conduct a search for public records, death records, marriage and divorce filings, county public records, criminal background records and so on. While other services are also able to provide such information, we find their additional service of providing records like cemetery records, local newspaper archives, and even county court records a big plus point!

Their database is huge with over 400 million public records which means that you are very likely to find the information you need.

The pricing is competitive and reasonable. There is only 1 option.

1 Year Gold Membership Unlimited Access at $29.95

We love this site because of its professional and instant loading search interface, its easy to understand and organized reporting format and its intelligent data matching tool.

Government-Records has an added advantage over its competitors - a new cutting edge feature to locate records that are not digitized yet. Many people are using this to conduct genealogy research and trace their family trees.

No.2 Free Public Records Search Portal


Gov-Resources is a top public records search portal that carries over 200 million public records. It is constantly beefing up its database with the latest records. It has a user-friendly interface, excellent customer support as well as good pricings. Take a look at its packages.

5 Year Ultimate Investigation Search Pass at $29.99 *Most Popular*
***Includes Unlimited People Searches for United States, United Kingdom, Canada, & Australia.

1 Year Unlimited People Searches at $19.99

Here are some of the testimonials of existing users here:

"Using Gov-Resources helped me find the appropriate background checks on my new employees. This method saved me a great deal of time! Thanks."
-David Lohan

" My daughter went missing over a year ago and the police closed the investigations. I used your Gov-Resources missing people search and instantly had leads on my daughter. Thank-you so much! "
-Dianne Lemming

"I love this classmate search! I was able to locate almost my entire high school class for our reunion. Thanks Gov-Resources, this tool is very helpful!"
-Mya Banks

"All I had to do was fill in the phone number of my friend and I instantly was given their address, name and more! All the information I needed to find. Once I found these results I used many other phone numbers in this search and found tons of information!"
-Louise Walker

" This is the most unique search tool I have found on the internet today. I was able to track down my family history in just a few short minutes! Great research tool. "
-Patty Lynne

No.3 Free Public Records Search Portal

Government Registry

You can browse through the following quick stats.

Update frequency: Daily

Public records on file: 1,247,528,873

Database photographs on file: 1,592,733

New records added in the past 7 days: 677

This service is a power house of public records with well over 1 billion records to date. While it has more records than Government-Records and Gov-Resources, it is also pricier than the two. This is why we are ranking as No.3.

If you only need to do a couple of searches, you definitely want to go for the most economical option. However, if you work in the investigation industry, we will not hesitate to recommend Government Registry to you. After all, it has the largest database among its competitors and also provide a easy to use and search friendly interface. We also find its customer and technical support competent and friendly.

These are its packages:

Instant Report Access at $29.95

Add 1 Year Unlimited* Search Pass at $9.95

For an additional $9.95, you can get Unlimited Background Searches and access to all their resources.

* Unlimited Searches May Include: Basic Background Searches, People Searches by Name, People Searches by Phone, People Searches by Address, Relative Searches, Business Search by Name and Phone, Reverse IP Search, Census Search, Property Records Search

Ready to run your near free public records search?

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